Pay Unemployment Benfits to Non-Essential Workers Unable to Work - NOW!

Pay Unemployment Benfits to Non-Essential Workers Unable to Work - NOW!

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Lisabeth Fauble started this petition to Representative Tulsi Gabbard and

While the heroic stoicism of the essential workers and American heroes like nurses, grocery store clerks, and convenience store clerks are worthy of praise and more, and we are so grateful to them all, the "non-essential workers" who have been forcibly pushed aside are not receiving the unemployment benefits we were promised and need to survive.

More than 150,000 workers in Hawaii remain insolvent, not receiving any unemployment benefits. Less than 1/3 of Hawaii workers who are conventionally eligible for unemployment benefits have been paid, and tens of thousands more have been falsely disqualified by processers adhering to the "conventional base pay" term rather than using alternative base pay periods recognized by the CARES Act and UIPL 15-20, sections 2012 and 2014.

Under the temporary unemployment benefits extension signed by President Donald J. Trump in the CARES Act, and detailed in the UIPL, working persons who were terminated, furloughed, or had hours reduced due to business closures related to COVID-19 are eligible for full unemployment benefits. Independent contractors, self-employed persons, gig workers and freelancers are entitled to the PUA benefit of $600 per week for 13 weeks, beginning April 4.

The Department of Labor in Hawaii, as well as many other states DOL's, are claiming outdated operating systems for the lack of due diligence and the inability for workers to even file claims, much less collect on them. They are not training new staff in the updated changes mandated by President Trump intended to save our economy, and so they are disqualifying eligible persons by the tens of thousands.

Clearly, states are willfully disregarding the mandates of our United States Congress and President Donald J. Trump.

We have the technology and stimulus funds to implement vast changes to the computer systems practically overnight, and there is no excuse for the lack of training for new volunteers and workers that are unaware of the new unemployment mandates. While these changes should have been made as soon as President Trump's rules were decreed, many states, including Hawaii, are still disregarding them.

If the States' Department of Labor divisions do not remedy this problem soon, the lack of funds for millions of American workers, including more than 150,000 in Hawaii alone, will surely lead to a much larger economic crisis.

To put it in perspective, the island of Maui alone houses around 150,000 permanent residents. So, the current situation reflects as if the entire island of Maui was insolvent, unable to pay rent, buy food, or support the economy in any way. And they will soon be starving, despite SNAP programs.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Walmart, and many more corporate websites can handle billions of website vistors. Why are our state governments giving us excuses as to why we can't access essential services? And why are so many of us being disqualified when we have proven work histories that qualify under the CARES Act and UIPL 15-20, issued by the United States Congress and President Donald J. Trump? 

We demand the states immediately hire tech gurus to update the websites and/or create new websites capable of handling the "unprecedented" traffic due to the quarantine laws mandated that have forced "non-essential" workers to stay home, and in many cases, lose their jobs permanently.

Don't tell us it takes time. We have the technology, you have the money, the Federal Reserve has just given you a 0% interest rate and encouragement to spend big on stimulus, you can hire the right people, and the federal government has released funds to you in the amount of $600 per week per person who qualifies for unemployment insurance.

We demand you release these federal funds and distribute unemployment benefit money immediately. No more excuses. No more waiting. No more disqualifying people who meet the criteria of extended benefits under the CARES Act and UIPL 15-20 mandate by our Congress and President Trump. 

States, do the right thing. Update your systems NOW, stop disqualifying people who have rightfully earned their unemployment benefits, pay workers their rightul benefits, and quit screwing the average person.

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