Sonoma-Midtown Neighbors Confront Another Request for Parking Lot

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Petition re-opened for signatures. As with previous Tulsa BOA Case 22099, a request for a parking lot in RS-3, which was denied, the Latter Day Saints have once again applied for expanded parking within the heart of Sonoma-Midtown (RS-3). 

We remain opposed to a parking lot in RS-3 based on the following:

  • Similar application denied in 2016 as injurious to area. 
  • Per the zoning code, it is NOT allowed by right in residential (RS-3)
  • Surrounded by RS-3 Existing Neighborhood/Area of Stability 
  • Existing parking lot is rarely full
  • Removal of mature trees & affordable housing substantially altered valued character of the area
  • Addition of concrete to this open space will destroy a critical food source for midtown's treasured barred owls. 

REMAIN opposed or opposed for the first time. Help us preserve what's left of the valued character of our neighborhood & ensure parking lots don't become the norm in RS-3 neighborhoods across Tulsa. First timers sign, if signed before & remained opposed affirm opposition as opinion/comment. 

Neighbors of Sonoma-Midtown 


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