Justice for Gloria

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Gloria Ramirez Gonzalez is a 33 year old mother of 4.  She is a victim of domestic violence and is facing charges of felony attempted murder, a crime she did not commit.

She is being lost in a broken system that is failing her because she does not have the means to pay for competent representation.  Her children are being assessed for permanent adoption, and we fear her time is running out.

The man who accused her of attempted murder has been her abuser for over 7 years.  The abuse began when she was 3 months pregnant with their first child, and continued on until the day of her arrest.  She is only guilty of self defense.  She is a victim being wrongfully misrepresented as a criminal.  In fact, her accuser was recently arrested for domestic abuse while he was intoxicated (on January 1, 2020), to which he of course denied and deflected blame once more.  He has a pattern of alcoholism, abuse, and deflection and Gloria is paying the price.  Please sign this petition to encourage the DA to dig deeper into her case and help a woman reclaim her children and her life!