Black Lives Matter Street Mural In Front Of Tulare City Hall

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The City of Fresno came to together to recognize the Black Lives Matter Movement by creating a street mural in front of city hall. This was led by the community and supported by their city council. This was a powerful event that united a lot of people. The City of Tulare hasn't really taking a position in this movement. However, with the ongoing rest of many citizens, it is time for Tulare to come together and recognize that Black Lives Matter. It is not a suggestion that only black lives matter, it is proclamation that we stand up against racial injustice when it comes to the African American Community. We have historically benefited from several African American citizens as they've contributed to our city. It is time to voice our support and show that Tulare is apart of the movement. Therefore, we call for Major Jose Sigala and the Tulare City Council to recognize the Black Lives Matter Movement and allow the citizens of Tulare to contribute to the ongoing call of racial equality. We are seeking to follow the footsteps of several cities throughout the United States and paint a Black Lives Matter street mural. Tulare, it is time to speak up and join the movement!