Tuition fees Amount should be justified for 2019-22 academic session

Tuition fees Amount should be justified for 2019-22 academic session

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Started by prabha negi

Year 2019-21 will be known as COVID Era in the History when lots of unprecedented circumstances took place for each section of the society .

Each Class of the society suffered irrespective of any standard of living . Amongst all those circumstances one is still prevails and that has become burning discussion topic for each student and parent across All the Indian States currently -Unjustified Fee issue****

Parents are ready to pay Tuitionfee as per the year 2019- 20 and that too with those unavailable facilities which were available during Year 2019 (Offline Excess of classrooms)

Currently Results of many students being Held /TCS are not getting released/ Fee hike more than the prescribed limit / Genuine fee receipts aren't being provided /Bad teatment with the parents / Conducting offline classes irrespective of continuous rise in the COVID cases/ students are being harassed mentally inside the school premises/stationary items being sold inside the school premises like a Market / forcing parents for purchasing complete set of books /Dress vendors fixed by the schools are extracting double the amount than the Market price etc.

And all this happening just to charge/extract the Unjustified Annual charges for unutilised services by the students during these two years.

We parents sincerely urge @PMOIndia @Narendramodi @Educationministry, to kindly  pass Common Tuitionfee Guidelines for all Indian states and not to harasse parents and students on the name of unjustified Dues rather charge only justified Tuitionfees for 2019-21 session.

Timely cooperation and understanding on the above mentioned issues would be highly appreciated.

We too expect School Management to abide by Ethical  and Moral values on practical Grounds too especially the Private Schools within India .

Let's make Education Affordable for all . Each kid deserve Quality Education but not at the cost of challenging their emotional/mental and physical health.


Warmest Regards

Concerned Parent

Prabha Negi �� 

110 have signed. Let’s get to 200!