Designated Smoking Areas: A Breath of Relief for Tuguegaraoeños

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"Smoking is dangerous to your health".

This phrase embedded on cigarette packages with real-life pictures of patients diagnosed due to cigarettes won't stop smokers from puffing. Aside from investing on their own death, smokers contribute not only to air pollution but as well as to land pollution due to the improper disposal of cigarette butts.

Non-smokers are affected negatively of other people's habit. Second-hand smokers unintentedly inhale the smoke produced by the active smoker wherein the exposure to smoke lead to the inhalation of toxic and carcinogenic chemical substances. 

Reports from the Department of Health show that 3,000 Filipinos die every year from lung cancer– even though they do not smoke. This figure is really alarming and that actions must be made.With all the signages on packages, streets, and on public places and vehicles specifically on tricycles , stating "No Smoking" on certain areas, still, this do not concern smokers. Tricycle drivers, passengers and smokers in every form are tiring to always reprimand them that the smoke they puff are harmful.

To no longer further harm others, we propose designated smoking areas be constructed on different sites, away from populous places, with trash bins for proper disposal of cigarette butts. In this way, we could prevent ourselves from inhaling the toxics and that smokers could continue smoking without directly harming others since we cannot stop them from doing so.

This is a breath of relief to Tuguegaraoeños.