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Stop supporting cruel battery cages for egg-laying hens

My name is Jeremy Goldman, and I am a student at Tufts University. I am sure that you will agree with me that when students take the time to speak out for a worthy cause, universities should be proud of them and support their efforts. Unfortunately, my school is not supporting students as we speak up to ask for a simple switch from cruel, unsafe battery cage eggs to cage-free eggs.

Standard battery cage egg-producing facilities are intensive factory farms, so brutal that they have been declared illegal animal cruelty across all European countries and many U.S. states. After being subjected to an extremely painful “debeaking” process in which young chicks’ beaks are seared off with a hot blade, six to eight hens are confined to one wire cage with floor-space per bird no larger than a sheet of notebook paper for their entire lives. Broken bones, respiratory problems, deliberate “starvation periods,” and countless other horrors are extremely common, and “layer hens” are rarely, if ever, offered individual veterinary care.

Not only are these factory farms bad for animals, they are terrible for the environment, for workers, and for food safety. Environmental groups like the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council, labor groups like the United Farm Workers and the Cesar Chavez Foundation, and food safety groups like the Center for Food Safety all support a ban on battery cage eggs and a switch to cage-free. Battery cage eggs offer a much higher risk of salmonella, the most common cause of food poisoning today.

We are saddened to find that Tufts Dining has placed such low priority on student health. Hundreds of colleges across the country, including nearly every other college and university in the Boston area, have already gone cage-free, and Tufts University has received hundreds of letters, calls, and emails from individual alumni, students, and other welfare advocates asking that the switch be made. Hundreds of students have signed a petition calling for the switch, and we have passed a nearly unanimous Student Government Senate resolution in support of the switch as well. Our concerns have fallen on deaf ears, and we Tufts students are devastated to see our school lagging so far behind in standard sustainability and public health efforts.

Despite the overwhelming student support for a progressive change, Tufts has failed to listen to its students and still supports barbaric battery cage facilities. Concerned students and alumni cannot even get a response from dining about this issue. For this reason, we are reaching out to caring consumers like you across the United States, urging you to please use your voice to help Tufts students and alumni by joining us in calling for a change.

Make your voice heard now. Support animals, the environment, public health, and student rights by clicking on the button below. Thank you! 

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  • Director of Dining and Business Services, Tufts University
    Patti Klos
  • Central Production Manager, Tufts University Dining Services
    John Fisher
  • Dewick-MacPhie Unit Manager, Tufts University Dining Services
    John Beaulac
  • Hodgdon Good-to-Go Manager, Tufts University Dining Services
    Mike Falconer
  • Mugar Dining & Faculty Dining Manager, Tufts University Dining Services
    Dante Goytizolo
  • Data Systems Administrator, Tufts University Dining Services
    Sonya Johnson
  • FoodPro Administrator, Tufts University Dining Services
    Mary Hill
  • Assistant Director Operations, Tufts University Dining Services
    Michael DeSimone
  • Assistant Director of Purchasing, Tufts University Dining Services
    Paul Denaro
  • Chief of Staff, Office of the President
    Michael Baenen
  • Campus Center General Manager, Tufts University Dining Services
    Sabrina McCarthy
  • Carmichael Unit Manager, Tufts University Dining Services
    David Kelley
  • Tufts University
    Office of Alumni Relations
  • Tufts University
    Tufts Alumni Website
  • Senior Associate Director, Association and Volunteer Management, Tufts University Alumni Association
    Mini Jaikumar, G97
  • Program Director, Office of Sustainability
    Tina Woolston
  • Meal Plan Changes, Tufts University Dining Services
    Sonya Johnson
  • Nutrition/Marketing Specialist, Tufts University Dining Services
    Julie Lampie
  • Associate Director, Tufts University Dining Services
    Ralph Perrotto
  • Brown and Brew Manager, Tufts University Dining Services
    Arthur RigordaEva
  • Catering Unit Manager, Tufts University Dining Services
    Eric Hamel
  • Director, Office of Public Relations
    Kim Thurler

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