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Reinstate me in my job

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TUSD fired me after 21 years of service, I was fired after my wife was caught having affairs with parents. There were phone calls made complaining about this and I was accused of making them and I was terminated . TUSD did not disclose any evidence , would not allow me to present evidence or witnesses ( although that was hard to do when they wouldn't disclose). After my termination some evidence was disclosed and I am able to prove that I did not do what I was accused of, but TUSD and the governing board president ( Adelita Grijalva) wont hear my case. Board member Cam Juarez told me that the entire board knows I'm innocent , that TUSD and my wife acted maliciously in my termination, however he could not support me because he would not work with republican board member Mike Hicks. Adelita Grijalva has threaten to file harassment charges against me for asking her to do something about this. TUSD has black balled me , so I can't even get another job. I have lost everything and soon will be homeless. My young son witnessed what his mother was doing in her classroom , and reported it to TUSD and the board but it has been ignored, even though her activities in the classroom in front of my son were immoral and illegal, she is employed as a kindergarten teacher, and I was fired. I have the evidence and the witnesses to prove that I did nothing wrong , but to this day have not been allowed to present them. Superintendent HT Sanchez has completely ignored me , and hasn't even returned a single phone call, he has even ignored board members request to investigate my case. TUSD's action in my case are illegal and corrupt , I am not the only person TUSD has done this to, and it must stop. Please help me in bringing this situation to light , and stopping these actions. I did nothing wrong , as an American citizen I have the right to defend myself, a government organization should not be allowed to destroy your life. I am innocent , many people in the district know this but are afraid to come forward because of retaliation , some have even been threatened with it if they talk. 

Thank you , Please support this effort,

Brian Sauber

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