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To enforce the laws that motorized vehicles have muffled exhaust systems.

Just as second-hand smoke is a violation of citizenry rights, so is second-hand and especially unnecessary noise from unmuffled motorized vehicles. Motorcycles, in particular, operating in a city environment can cause hearing loss in innocent bystanders and at night wake the sleeping. In addition, the loud noise can be stressful to other drivers and possibly lead to accidents. What right do the drivers of these noise-making vehicles have to inflict their racket on everyone else? There are laws to prohibit this; they just need to be enforced! There are numerous Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles (CALM) organizations springing up all over the country. In an effort to curb the obnoxious noise from loud motorcycles Maine recently initiated sound meter testing for loud motorcycles following ticketing by the police. For more information Google Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles.

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