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Tubbenden Primary School want to #BanTheBottle!  We want you to reduce the plastic bottles that are being produced, used and discarded in vast numbers and damaging our planet. 

In the UK we get through 13 billion plastic bottles each year – over 200 per person.  London alone uses 2 million plastic bottles of water daily. The Port of London Authority collects around 250 tons of debris and rubbish from the River Thames each year, most of which is plastic.  Believe it or not only 23% of that plastic is recycled.  Plastic bottles are unnecessary - we live in a country where the tap water is safe to drink and fizzy drinks come in easily-recyclable cans.

We are at war with a product that we use every day.  Plastic has so many properties that means it’s used frequently in our day to day use, yet this material has a disgustingly devastating, dark side.  Most of the plastic we use is discarded in only a matter of minutes after purchasing. 40% of plastic is single-use: plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic cutlery, plastic coffee cups, plastic bags and many other forms of plastic packaging.  We can get gluten-free and dairy-free but we unfortunately can’t get plastic-free products.  We can’t go on like this!

Plastic has devastating consequences: thousands of animals die every year from ingesting or getting entangled in plastic.  We need the ocean healthy, and to have a healthy ocean, we need healthy animals.  We can all contribute to healthier oceans, and a healthier life for all of the creature on this planet, including us, by using less plastic.

By reducing the amount of plastic bottles produced, we can have a huge impact on our planet.  Please listen to the people and make a change.

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