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Petition to
Tuba City Unified School District Board Members

Why this petition matters

Started by TCUSD AEA

March 8, 2022

Students First! Politics Last!

We, the undersigned are writing this petition in support of our Superintendent, Dr. Terry Mauer.

As employees, we have seen and witnessed the superintendent bring about positive and meaningful change to our school district (TCUSD).

He provided a form of structure at each school site. He formed a sense of  trust and transparency between the administrators and staff.

For example, he advocated to implement policies such as:

1.      Board Member Ethics: which is remembering always that a board member’s first and greatest concern must be the educational welfare of the students attending the public schools

2.      BAA-Evaluation of school board/board self-evaluation: 

In addition, he was visible and was seen walking the halls of the schools and met with staff to hear their concerns and allowed staff to express their concerns.

He addressed the covid pandemic within the community. He was seen meeting with principals which goes to show he cared for the overall needs of the district.

We would like equal treatment and due process for Dr. Maurer, entitled in his contract as an employee of the Tuba City Unified School District.

We cannot allow more wasted time and money to fund unqualified staff to take his position.

This has become a common practice with this school’s administrative department. We tend to quickly dispose of staff who address any lack of accountability at the board level.

By placing Dr. Mauer on administrative leave, the school board is making an irrational decision which further provides outrageous stipends to whom they feel will not question their decisions.

177 have signed. Let’s get to 200!