save forest and save natural greenery on tirumala hills

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Hi Everyone, Recently i am blessed with an opportunity by lord Balaji to have his darshan when i visited on the 16-FEB-2018 and later got an opportunity to look around the god created nature and greenery. Then i started realising whats happening in the sacred place of LORD balaji. The natural forest is being destroyed for building lavish guest houses by many and destroying the natural forest which is a home for many birds and creatures for creating the artificial gardens and fountains. I realised the humans started forgetting what is beauty and creating gardens and lawns at the cost of cutting trees and disturbing the nature. I also realised the increased heat wave on the hill and the obvious reason i could guess is that the Hill is not the same hill which i have visited in my childhood and many of you must feel the same and agree with you. Though we as individuals can not do much to protect the forest and greenery as we do not have powers but I feel we definitely bring this to the notice of the concerned to pay attention and start corrective actions ELSE in next 10 years you will see a concrete jungle on the hill and without AC you can not stay on the cottages.