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Remove anti-choice ads on the TTC

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Pregnancy Care Centers are anti-choice and are known to provide women with false medical information on abortions.  They use scare tactics and christian propaganda to influence people's decisions.  In Canada, by law all women are allowed a safe and affordable abortion.

To be able to make the best decisions for ourselves, we MUST receive accurate information.

We ask that the Toronto Transit Commision Advertising Review Working Group see that the ad goes against Canadian views on women's access and health, and to remove the ad.

"If TTC receives five complaints about an advertisement, the ad will be forwarded to the Advertising Review Working Group (ARWG) for assessment. The ARWG is made up of appointed TTC Board Members and TTC staff whose role it is to review advertisements to determine compliance with this policy. If it is determined that a posted ad does not comply with TTC policy, the TTC will remove the ad from its property. The decision of ARWG is final."

Lets send them more than FIVE!

TTC Complaint Form:

Example for form (feel free to c&p)
I`m [surprised, angry] to see advertisements from Pregnancy Care Centres on the TTC. Pregnancy Care Centres are anti-abortion centres known to provide women with FALSE information on sexual health and abortions. They are known to use scare tactics and christian propaganda to influence people`s decisions. This goes against Canada's views and laws around safe abortion. Please remove these ads. Thank you.

Information on Pregnancy Care Centers and Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


The Star 2010 article:

American Planned Parenthood write-up on Crisis Centers

Where to get unbiased help in Toronto:

Planned Parenthood

Bay Center For Birth Control:

And various health centres around the city - I believe PP offers a list of places to go.

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