Very Worst,Rash driving and Polluted Vehicles running by RTC

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So many drivers taking wrong direction while driving.While driving if they were in middle or right side then they will take sudden left without giving proper indication. IF the bus stop is at left side then they were stopping suddenly in the middle to get the passengers down.
Most horrible and irritating factor with RTC buses are circulating polluted vehicles. So much black and white smoke are polluting from RTC buses(especially that Sky blue color or Airport buses) if we go back of those buses we normal people who ever is travelling by scooty suffering a lot with those polluted vehicles and getting lot of skin and dust allergies even though if we were making small arrangements like wearing helmet and scarf.
Also most of the buses are not allowing to go for FREE LEFT and as those are huge Vehicles and stopping at left how the smaller vehicles will take FREE LEFT.
Getting very frustrated and anger on the Traffic Police also because why cant they raise the fines on RTC buses or bus drivers  they will show their attitude and heroism on common people. Even from scootys or Bikes pollution is less compare to larger vehicles but the traffic police will raise the fines and collecting huge amounts from common people. How this can be judged either from Traffic Police or from RTC management.
Why cant traffic police seize the polluted vehicles running by RTC?
Why cant traffic police raise the fines on wrong routes driving by RTC drivers and stopping the vehicles suddenly.
Why RTC are not maintaining Indicators while taking sudden left or right directions.
Why cant the RTC organization or traffic police seize the bus drivers license on their Rash driving.
Is the rules applicable only to a common man why cant be it is applicable to Organizations.