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The proposed tower is a 300 foot lighted tower to be located near Teal and Lost Land Lakes.

The tower will be clearly visible to property owners around both lakes. If constructed, the tower will devalue property, threaten migratory birds (eagles, loons, etc...) other wildlife, the evironment and erode the quality of these two pristine lakes.

While a tower is needed in the area, this particular location is unacceptable to a large number of land owners on both lakes. Other locations have been identified by local citizens, but neither Cheqtel or the Town has shown any effort to entertain another site.

Consider the views of many citizens and land owners in the area and find an alternative location.

Letter to
George Brandt
Mike McGuiness
Ralph Meyer
and 5 others
John Cerman
Prudence Ross
David Carter
Brian Hucker
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Town of Spider Lake Board Members.

As you are aware, there has been much opposition to the location of the proposed Cheqtel tower. I have signed this petition because if built, the tower will destroy the pristine quality of both Teal and Lost Land Lakes. It is a threat to wildlife and the environment, and will devalue real estate in the area.

These lakes are very special. Every effort should be made to maintain their character and natural quality. A 300 foot lighted cell tower destroys that notion.

I do agree that a tower is needed, however one could be built in an alternative location that will both satisfy your communications needs and our concerns.

Find the alternative.



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