Redress FIN-2 Injustice

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This petition is in place to express concerns around having make-up HR lecture, MKT-201 test and FIN-2 test all on Friday 31 March.

It is understood that we were given a week's notice, however we collectively feel like we're being thrown in the deep end mainly because:

1. We understand that the course outline is not definite, however we plan according to the course outline and a sudden amendment to such an important guideline to suit an individual really does an injustice to our academic goals as a collective.

For example:

MKT-201 has a weighting of 20% taking into consideration this is 12 chapters of studying and FIN-2 has a weighting of 10%, which was supposed to be written in week 12. We do not see how it is humanly possible to study for 2 major tests and be able take note in a make-up lecture all on the same day.

2. Yes, we were given a week's notice, but why couldn't FIN Test 2 be moved earlier or written in between our long breaks where we have no lectures or tuts (this is time wasted where we could be writing a test instead of writing two tests on the same day).

3. We are not given the resources to access past papers, why? We do know that at other institutions students are given access to past papers to familiarize themselves with how the test will be set up or what to focus on (because if you ask us, studying 12 chapters with no guideline is quite hectic).

4. How are we expected to pay attention in a HR lecture when we write FIN immediately after?

5. Lastly. We have a presentation the day before all these tests, so how are we expected to miraculously emulate our past performances here?

Please do not see this document as a medium of complaints, because we can not cope on a BBA-2 Level. However we feel like our concerns are never taken into consideration as students.

When it comes to us as students, we feel like our needs should be of utmost concern as ultimately an institutions success is reliant on the performance of its students.

After countless reasoning with the academic team they still went as planned, as though us students do not not matter at all. Bear in mind there is no academic team without students and there are no students without the academic team. We need one another.  

Heeding the FIN-2 lecturer's words, ''You need to be the masters of your OWN destiny'' and this is our time to be heard. So, we strongly suggest FIN-2 (Test 2) to be moved to week 11 as writing two tests on the same day and having a make-up lecture is just unbearable. 


Disclaimer: If you sign this petition you agree to not writing the FIN-2 test which is on the 31/03/17 and should you change your mind and decide to write on the day, you give us full permission to request your test script null and void.

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