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Petitioning Texas Southmost College TSC Board of Trustees

TSC Board of Trustees: Keep the Early Childhood Centers Fully Operational

This is affecting an entire community of people including over 230 children enrolled at the centers. 

Letter to
Texas Southmost College TSC Board of Trustees
TSC Board of Trustees to keep the Early Childhood Centers fully operational. The Early Childhood Center has a rich history with TSC dating back to the 1970's and serves as a model program, to train early childhood professionals, act as a catalyst for quality care and education for children, their families and the community and to generate new knowledge through the study, observation and research of early childhood education. The continuation of the daycare is immensely important to the community. Parents put all their trust into the staff that gives the daycare its stellar reputation. Board of Trustees, we ask that you make this a priority and take a plan of action in transitioning the Early Childhood Centers back into the hands of TSC.