Tsai Ing-wen administration are turning vaccines into poison 蔡政府讓人命淪為政治犧牲品!

Tsai Ing-wen administration are turning vaccines into poison 蔡政府讓人命淪為政治犧牲品!

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Started by Mei J Huang

The epidemic situation in Taiwan is now worsening, and people need vaccines, but the anti-vaxxers say no, which reflects the "incompetence of Taiwan's governance" by the Tsai administration. From the perspective of vaccines, the Tsai administration boycotted the mainland-produced vaccines certified by WHO under the influence of ideology. In fact, Taiwan uses AZ vaccines or self-produced "high-end" vaccines, and deaths continue to occur, even close to the deaths from the COVID-19, so,  what is the difference between vaccination and infection with the COVID-19?since the number of deaths from vaccination and deaths from the epidemic are similar.

Tsai administration is reluctant to cooperate with the mainland, but wants to rely on the United States and Japan or other Western countries. In fact, the United States and Japan lack effective means to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. Taiwan was bragging about its luck in the early stage, but now ,lucky gone,that  reflecting disadvantages of Taiwan's social system. By manipulating "enemy China" and "anti-China" sentiments,  Tsai administration rejects the mainland vaccine, which not only provides space for Taiwan-produced "high-end" vaccines to profit, but also ensures the DPP's political gains. Last year, there were more than 700 cases of sudden deaths on the Taiwan who received the native vaccine, they became victims of the political conspiracy of the DPP authorities.

Tsai administration must give an explanation to the Taiwanese people, instead of continuing to act in political manipulation and populist ways, using the Taiwanese people as test subjects, and sacrificing lives for political interests.

Therefore, we call on governments and compatriots of all countries to boycott Taiwan vaccines together before the Tsai administration stops the above-mentioned persecution, so as to demonstrate the defense of human society for universal values and the right to lif.





26 have signed. Let’s get to 50!