Parole consideration for first time offender with no one to help.

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A CALL TO LIFE! my brother as a person and not just a docket number. He's a first time offender with no previous record of any type of crime.  But I'm watching him decline from a young man with a good heart into something indescribable. Inhumane and deteriorating in an institution that teaches and turns good people into hardened criminals. He is REGRESSING. Shouldnt the consequence of a bad decision be to reap what you sow, and taking all measures to redirect a PERSON (not an animal) from repeating the same mistake? Not to destroy a persons character, morals and ability to function in "normal society". Prison, or the DOC, (Department of Correction) isn't supposed to the right plan and guidance, my brother, Andrew inmate# ould be a well deserved candidate for parole to say the least. For anyone that knows him or even simply agrees that hard time may not be the right approach for young impressionable minds. I urge you to please sign. Your signature could be what changes someones life, or even saves it. Thank you to anyone who took the time out of their day to read.