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Truth in News, Reporting Public Information

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Every citizen requires a COMPLETE AND ACCURATE SOURCE of information in order to understand ballot issues and candidates. Since 1987, we have had no such mechanism because the FCC decided to eliminate the Fairness Doctrine.  We now have FOX and MSNBC and a handfull of others who color the facts with their own spin.  They simply do not report what they want you to remain unaware of and slip opinions in to recruit conferates to their position that is usually sold to the highest bidder like Sheldon Adelson or a corporation looking to protect their own selfish interests.

The result has been a cascade of poor decisions by legislators influenced by lobbyists and radical splinter groups who consistently undermine the welfare of the country if favor of personal agenda. Major media companies serve only those who pay them.  Money has been given a proxy voice for corporations which act as a shield to the individuals who own, operate, and hode behind them.  

When money votes, your voice will amount to the size of your wallet.  The first step in making sure your vote has not been with some currency you can't even spend is to make sure you have the thruth in the news.

Bring back the Fairness Act!

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