Truth in Education (Kasson-Mantorville Schools)

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We grew up in a school in small-town Minnesota with many critical truths omitted and borderline lies committed in our historical education. And, to history's application on present black and brown lives, we heard silence. Did racism end in America with abolished slavery? What happened after? The civil rights movement? What is systemic racism? The list goes on, and we are left with many children who carry great ignorance into their adult lives where instead of combatting racism, we contribute to it.

Because of this, we are demanding truth in education for the good of all students, not just white ones. With much help, we have written a letter calling for the Kasson-Mantorville school district to implement a curricula plan that addresses systemic racism, Black History, and White privilege. Your signature will make you a part of this letter. Please sign this in support of this call and share with anyone who might care.

This community needs crucial change. Get in the fight with us. History will remember where you stood.