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Justice for our Imam & Community

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

We the undersigned, demand the Trustees reinstate the recently dismissed Mufti Ziaulhaq of MASJID MU'ADH IBN JABAL in Leicester as our Imam and Madrasah principal and we request an urgent open meeting as their actions have brought unrest and disrepute to our place of worship and community.

It is with great sadness that the Trustees and Shura have self acted without prior consultation with the community, parents and beneficiaries of the charity.

Once again, they have damaged the reputation of the charity and used their positions to behave in a manner clearly showing they have no fear of Allah, a quality imperative to be present in those individuals responsible to manage the House of Allah.

The movement behind dismissing the Imam and until recently excluding him from the masjid has lifted the spirits of many community members, their support is not just on face value but is what they believe and have every intention of following through with positive action and with a vision for a stronger foundation for the generations to come.

All trust has been lost in those individuals who are meant to be guardians of the Masjid on behalf of the community and supposedly be acting according to Islam and in the best interest of the public.

Although many, some reasons we are demanding justice prevails for the Imam is because:

1. He is the first Imam of the masjid since the doors opened to the community as a place of worship. 

2. He has worked extremely hard to make the Madrassah and Masjid a success and has devoted much of his personal time to the project.

3. He has earned great respect from the community and is loved by all the children, youth and elderly.

4. He is approachable and available. He has helped many people without expecting anything in return.

5. His presence has kept much stability to the Masjid and it's attendees.

6. Has been highly active in raising funds for the Masjid.

7. He recites beautiful qur'an and delivers amazing heart touching speeches. This in itself is a great asset for the masjid and community.

Our goals of the petition:

1. To reinstate the position of Mufti Ziaulhaq as the Masjid Imam and Principal of Madrassah.

2. To have a democratic and free election process for selecting Trustees, Committee and Shura members.

3. To get clarity and full disclosure of the institutes finances since it was founded in 2010

4. To receive a transparent explanation regarding the future plans and services for the new masjid building.

The Trustees and shura in turn will clearly understand that it is the Community that has brought them into power and if they have fear of Allah, insha'Allah they will effectively represent the interests of the community by reinstating our Imam, give full details of financial accounts and allowing a fair and open re-election. If this conclusion is not reached then the charity commisson will be contacted to intervene.

We leave you with a famous quote:
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."


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