Oppose the uncritical implementation of SOGI education in SD No. 35.

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We are extremely concerned School District No. 35 parents. Public education is a sacred trust which entails the duty of educators. Please accept our opposition to total and uncritical acceptance of SOGI education at SD No.35. When power goes unmonitored or unchecked, it is abused.

Though SOGI education is “about treating everyone with respect,” to encourage and induce school students “to live and learn to their full potential” is a social experiment (“SOGI 123 Parent Brochure”). We ought to monitor such lesson plans with caution; otherwise, it is merely delinquency and unethical practice in a cloak of self-righteousness.

To allow teachers unilaterally determine what is age appropriate for their students undermines the presumption that parents should make important decisions affecting their children.

We urge you to say NO on the social experiment of inducing our children to learn and live to the full potential of their sexual orientation.

We demand

  • transparency and full disclosure;
  • sex education in the school is carried out by registered teachers;
  • our parents' right to opt-out from courses that do not meet the aforementioned criteria;
  • the school or teacher not to endorse the SOGI curriculum;
  • last but not least, a balanced presentation of harm of gender ideology on students psychologically or physically.

We also oppose the exposure of our children to and/or involvement in any activity or program which:

  1. Engages in manufacturing contempt for, or the discrimination of, identifiable groups and/or classes of people by assignment of “privilege” and/or exposes students to sectarian politics.
  2. Discusses or portrays the lifestyle of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, other chosen gender/non-gender or other sex based/non-sex based identity or delusion that conflicts with the biological sex of individuals as one which is normal, acceptable, and must be affirmed and/or celebrated.
  3. Exposes my child to any adverse consequences—including questions, ridicule or hostility— for views expressed which arise out of our family's cultural traditions, religious and/or moral beliefs, fact and/or common sense.

Again, as concerned city of Langley and Langley township parents, we strongly oppose the uncritical implementation of SOGI education in SD No. 35.