Trust and fairness in the Federal System. Issues with plea bargains and sentencing

Trust and fairness in the Federal System. Issues with plea bargains and sentencing

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Teresa Mead started this petition to President of the United States President Biden

    I have wrote this letter a number of times.  This is not my expertise. I'm just a housewife, mother, grandmother and citizen of the United States with real life issues pertaining to our FEDERAL JUDICIAL SYSTEM.  I have called and written many people/agencies to be of course sent elsewhere.

No one wants to confront the Federal System.  Everyone complains about the prominent issues that need to be resolved. Yet nothing is done. Everyone is scared to approach and persue.  I might add " I AM ALSO "!!!!

Only my need for justice and fairness for us all is overpowering.  I have to beleive there is away to get these issues looked at and resolved.

If it was just my families situation, then I couldn't persue this or request your support.  

As I've researched and listened to others as well as my families personal recent experience, I've come to see. It Isn't just us.  This has and continues to happen to many of us.

When I say us,  I mean " AMERICANS " with no means to fight back. Not because we have don't have a legitament cause but do to no funding for representation. Legal fees are outrageous on the State level. As far as Federal it's totally out of reach for most everyone. Specifically working class like us.

       So, they appoint you legal council, if you can't afford one.  Okay GREAT...

Not notsnot great if that counselor is not a criminal attorney experienced in the issues in that case. Has no clue in criminal matters let alone drug and consperacy charges.  

So at this point your scared, being pressured to plea bargain ( meaning take what they say or suffer the consequences) your lawyer says take the so called deal or you will do 20 to life. Now mind you our lawyer has already stated " he was in way over his head ", not to mention every question we had he had to look up in law books to answer...

What do you do?

Me I call the Judges clerk and try to explain the situation. She cuts me off and says " that we have to go through the attorney on the case to resolve ".

The attorney says " let finish out this portion of it so there is grounds for an appeal ".    

After that we were bullied, pressured and scared.  Every question or issue we had was answered with " nothing you can do about it, that's just the way it works or it doesn't matter " !!!!!

Okay another issue is, this PSR- PRESENTENCING REPORT.  Once again any objection we had was ignored. Our lawyer said " they didn't matter that the JUDGE wasn't going to use any of that for the sentencing " Okay then my question was then why is it in the report?

Excuse me, I may not be a lawyer and know nothing about the federal law....  But people I have common sense like most of you do and in God's name how could it not make a difference?

This PSR is the report the Judge is going to use to decide who you are and what your punishment will be.  

Now you cannot tell me that if he reads only negative things ( confirmed or unconfirmed ) along with juvenile assault charges ( all three arrests were for the same assault charge ) all dropped and non confirmed, a CPS statement ( unconfirmed ), etc.  All of whom make it sound like this defendant is not worthy of any leniency or consideration of any sort...

When the facts are the three assault charges were one in the same and dropped. This shouldn't have even been in the PSR since unconfirmed. IN Fact the defendant was a good student. Graduated early with a scholarship.

Then there is a charge for carrying brass knuckles. He pled guilty cause he did have them on him ( not as a weapon but to weld them on his bike for decorations ). Regardless done 1 year deferred adj. Probation - COMPLETED with no issues.

Then CPS makes false accusations about hitting his son in the mouth, busting his lip. And always losing his temper and threatening him. Also said the defendant had a history of doing drugs. One drug test came back positive over a 1 year time frame.

       My point is this report is crucial and must be totally accurate, anything on this report must be confirmed.


1. There should be positive points reported. Specially CONFIRMED ones. Like a letter of commendation for saving a life. Confirmed

2. The fact that so many people showed up not for one hearing but two hearings that their wasn't enough room in the court room. Now you tell me who takes off from work or cancels their on day to go to court supporting a low life criminal???

3. Showing why the defendant RESIGNED from being a police officer. NOT TERMINATED OR FIRED....

4. That CPS had closed any case against him concerning HIS children with no finding of abuse or neglect.

5. There is no confirmation of any negative issues in this report nor is there any mention of positive ones that are confirmed.

Now, how can none of this not matter?

I can see why the Judge sentenced him to 108 months in BOP by the PSR he was given along with Federal agents and the prosecutor telling only what they wanted him to hear.  If all of the above had of been done with physical evidence and not hear say form other defendants. Or holding the fact of being ex law enforcement against him. Then their input would have been accurate.

Each and every defendent should be charged and sentenced on their on merits or demerits that are confirmed. NOT HEAR SAY!!!

We are told it's not personal. The agents and prosecutors are only doing there jobs. I beg the differ with you. It may not be personal to them buts it's the defendants life!!!   As well as his families..

These agents and prosecutors will do  and say whatever it takes to make their case. They do just that!!!   If you  have money, influence or a snitch then they'll do their jobs correctly. By handling the evidence ( discovery PKG ), the PSR and all pertinent information negative and positive actions that the defendent has taken.

EVERY defendant deserves to be treated the same. Given the same sentence for the same charge,  the information in the PSR MUST BE CONFIRMED, the assigned attorney must be experienced in defending the charges at hand and last but not least the right to make choices concerning these charges without being pressured, bullied or scared into taking the plea the prosecutor is offering.

We are talking about peoples lives and families. We aren't talking about probation or even a couple of years in prison. We are talking about years and years, even life being locked away from your children and family for non violent, victimless crimes.

How does a person have trust, respect and Faith in a justice system that works like this?

If we the people of the UNITED STATES have no trust/respect and fear our own legal system then we are a broken country.

I beleive most of us do not trust  or rely on our legal system to be fair and honest.

No one wants to step up til someone gets killed and the riots start.  Then the real issues get clouded with violence. America still belongs to us the people not the government.  

Please take time to review these issues and support me in fixing broke America.


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