Taking a stand on bullying at Truro Junior High School

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A Facebook post from February 6th, that really upsets me as a grandparent, knowing my little angels maybe in that school someday and being told nothing is being done about it. Please read the following message and if you think there needs to be change and these kids should be held accountable please sign my petition which will be handed over  to  first the school, follow by the school board and the media until something is done. 

Made me mad yet sad to hear about kids at that school threatening my son..telling him he looks like an ugly Harry potter. And to go kill himself. To tell a sensitive innocent child who tries too hard to make friends. It's sad picking your son up from school because he's so hurt as am I to hear him say those awful hurtful words. All I can do it pray for the bullies and hope their parents talk to them. I thinks it's best to keep my son home for a couple days until it's settles... 

Please sign and share share share until something is done and please feel free to leave your own comments and notes but any bullying will not be tolerated and immediately deleted. Thanks