Plea to Trumpet Awards: Reconsider Award-Recognition Given to William "Will Power" Packer

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Plea to Trumpet Awards: Reconsider Award-Recognition Given to William "Will Power" Packer

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Michael Simons started this petition to Trumpet Awards

WE THE PEOPLE respectfully invite Trumpet Awards Foundation, INC., President & CEO, Civil Rights Leader Xernona Clayton and THE Board of Directors, Danny J. Bakewell, Sr., Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., Harold R. Lewis, Vivian R. Pickard, Diane H. Pollard, Quentin L. Roach, Ted Turner, Ambassador Andrew Young to kindly reconsider its award-recognition concerning Mr. William ‘Will Power’ Packer

The inception of this joint repeal is in direct response  Will Packer's Entertainment Award presentation during the 24th Annual Trumpet Awards. WE THE PEOPLE unanimously find Will Packer currently fails to fulfill Trumpet Awards Foundation's purpose, mission and criterium:

Trumpet Awards were created to herald the accomplishments of Black Americans who have succeeded against immense odds. Special recognition is given to the few, who symbolize the many, who have overcome the ills of racism and poverty and achieved special greatness.


STATEMENT: WE THE PEOPLE recognize and exercise our fundamental Human Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.


PURPOSE: Together as 1, WE THE PEOPLE welcome all civilians to extensively evaluate the nature of content prevalent throughout current-known television and film works produced and/or endorsed by one Mr. William ‘Will Power’ Packer, and critically question what that content could/has caused. Specific to the television and film content in question, Mr. Packer has produced:


·  an open-display of sustainable contempt for the conscious mind

·  a clear and concise demonstration of utter neglect for oppressed persons and poverty-stricken communities

·  transparent disregard for the importance of progressive contributions to The Arts.


MISSION: WE THE PEOPLE respectfully and humbly welcome Mr. William ‘Will Power’ Packer to redirect his energy for the good. WE THE PEOPLE would be HONORED!



·  According to a report, "William Packer earned $20 Million – $20 000 000 this year which works out to be ~$54794,52 per day; ~$1666666,67 per month; ~$384615,38 per week; ~$2283,11 per hour; or ~$38,05 per minute; ~$0,63 per second."


·  As a fledgling film producer, Will Packer landed investment funds, beneficial media ties, top entrepreneurial tutelage, and expert marketing & advertising council from resources, entities and figures --- all members of, and directly representing, the Black community


·  To date, Packer has failed to rightfully give back to the Black community -- financially, and otherwise

·  The Florida A&M University graduate's primary investors are still waiting to recoup their monetary investments, funds which fuelled Will Packer's now-financially beneficial career


·  Additionally, Will Packer has deferred from obligations to his primary investors by his failure to grant investors the profit-return they were promised




·  Will Packer produces "programming geared toward blacks and African Americans between 25 and 54 years of age"


·  The 'Straight Outta Compton' Executive Producer has neglected his chosen "Target Audience" by presenting content saturated with negative stereotypes, derogatory depictions, and mainstream misconceptions


·  As it stands, Will Packer fails to rightfully serve the Black community as a respectable leader and proactive member -- but rather -- continues to produce projects which lack substance, content void of informative, educational value


·  As it stands, Will Packer fails to properly represent the Arts by presenting remakes, sequels and sample-driven material lacking creative value




·  Will Packer is invited to 'make-good' with investors by granting them financial reimbursements as well as the shared return on profits, as promised


·  We invite Will Packer to begin introducing Black talent to the film & television entertainment industry -- including, but not limited to: screenwriters, story developers, content creators, actors, musical composers & engineers, lighting, camera, equipment providers & operators, publicists, marketing & advertising execs, branding specialists, journalists, researchers, budget handlers, make-up & wardrobe stylists, set designers, sound engineers, film editors, on-set per diem providers, transportation & security detail, insurers, accountants, et cetera ...


·  We invite Will Packer to beat filmmaker Michael Moore to the punch by:


o igniting immediate production of an investigative documentary film surrounding the fatal effects the People of Flint have suffered as a result of exposure to the city's public, lead-poisoned waters


o The proposed docu-film is to be based upon extensive research aimed at uncovering and divulging dirty details likely to lurk in Flint's murky waters


o Upon completion, the Flint-oxide Water? special report should follow a clear and concise chronological timeline taking viewers back to the first known signs of people exhibiting symptoms of lead poisoning ... ultimately answering Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? the People of Flint are left to ingest lead-contaminated water.


o All proceeds generated from the film are to go directly to the People of Flint


"Everyone has duties to the Community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible." 

~ Article 29, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


WE THE PEOPLE look forward to all responses, updates, or policy statements and welcome your input of possible problems, proposals or oppositions.





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This petition had 5 supporters