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As someone trained in Psychology for over ten years and who taught Human Development and Social Psychology at CSULA, Santa Monica College and UCLA, I have long thought I am duty-bound to expose mental disorders that can be dangerous to the public, our nation, and our global community.
This is especially true whenever there is constant, serial habitual lying from a so-called "Commander in chief" Donald Trump, who lied that he "knows more than the generals" while he conned his own voters by lying he would "defeat ISIS within 30 days after being elected but will hold my secrets until then", effectively holding America, and the world, hostage to more deaths to terrorism until Trump got his way.
As is often the case with Donald Trump's profound ignorance, he fails to grasp that "ISIS" (They have actually called themselves ISIL for years now) is a world-wide ideology, and we cannot "defeat" ideas with weapons.
Quite the opposite, ISIS/ISIL is built on Jihadist and sucidal revenge at all cost as their fervently believed ticket to heaven, so as Thomas Jefferson warned us over 200 years ago Islamic extremism, it is best that we stay out of their countries.
Bush, Cheney and Rove, seeing trillions of dollars for Black Water and Haliburton, weren't about to listen.
When Donald Trump's treason against humanity is ignored by millions who are putting the deeply troubled, self-centered narcissism of Donald Trump well ahead of the better interest of America and millions of people who Trump ignores because he's too focused on his own serial lying ego, then we are living in very dark and dangerous times that we haven't seen since Berlin in 1933 when Hitler and his minority gang of thugs took charge under their lies screamed loud and long to "Make Germany Great Again".
Donald John Trump's habitual, serial and hateful lies about large groups of his own Party in Iowa, the people of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Europeans, allegedly "thousands of Muslims dancing on rooftops in New Jersey", etc., are not only divisive and dangerous but potentially deadly, as if baring the entry of thousands of starving Children from Syria and other places hasn't already been deadly enough.
So much for Trump and his follower's alleged following of "Christ".
There are too many of Donald Trump's lies, contradictions and moral atrocities that are so frequent and daily that it would a take large book to document just his first nine months of soiling the White House, this nation, the world and Trump's own alleged Christianity.
Trump stated that the Bible is his favorite book next to his own, when it is written in the Bible many times that boasting is an abomination and yet when called upon, Donald Trump could not even quote a single verse from the Bible.
Instead, Trump lied to the world that the Bible is a private matter when in fact the call of Christianity is to "Spread the gospels far and wide".
These are just a tiny fraction of incidental examples of Trump's absurd disconnection with reality, and a small portion of the evidence that gives proof to the fact that Donald Trump mentally projects that others will believe his serial lies just because he believes, to some degree, his own lies no matter how blatant and self-serving, and no matter what the cost of America's image around the world.
As Trump said himself, he would do anything to win and he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and his followers will still support him. Many of Trump's worse enemies couldn't come up with a more sick and vulgar statement about Trump, but sadly and disgustingly, Trump and some of his supporters boast even about that loathsome analogy.

Chris Aable, Beverly Hills, CA, United States
5 months ago
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