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Formally end 'The War On Drugs'

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This is a petition on behalf of the people who want to end 'The War on Drugs', formally created by Richard Nixon's Controlled Substance Act (CSA).

We the people have realized that the CSA has done more harm to society than benefited. It has done nothing more than industiralizing a criminal system for profit.

The CSA is an out-of-date view on on drug policy. Our drug policy should be based on providing proper health care and assistance to those with addictive personalities.

We the people need policy to help bring our society together, not segregate them, by law, causing hate, with this out-of-date policy.

We ask that acting President Trump and his staff to apply their civic duty and best science to immediately change the CSA. Many of the drugs are misclassified and the policy is abolishing our society's quality of life. Marijuana for example has demonstrated medical use with ample supporting evidence that meets scientific and peer reviewed standards.

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