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Beverly Hills PD to open Whitney Houston's Case Back Up for Murder

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Beverley Hills Police Department has closed auntie Whitney's case due to an ACCIDENTAL DROWNING,heart disease and drug usage. Coroner Ed Winter stated there was no signs of foul play in one interview, yet when the autopsy was released to the public, it was clear that drugs/heart disease was not the issue!!! Fact 1: First report said no drugs was on the scene, only prescription bottles and bottles of alcohol. Well the autopsy stated no alcohol was in her system, BUT over- the-counter meds were found(Benadryl,Flexeril,Xanax) ~ neither were prescribe to her. FACT 2: Autopsy Report showed she had over 2 dozens of abrasions (bruises) on her body from head to toe, skin slippage, an incision in her lip, injection in her elbow, and contusions... *Abrasions- wound consisting of superficial damage to the skin; The process of wearing down or rubbing away by means of friction. 2. a. A scraped or worn area. b. A scraped area on the skin or on a mucous membrane,.... *Example of abrasions - (copy in paste in browser) *Contusions- occur when a direct blow or repeated blows from a blunt object strike part of the body, crushing underlying muscle fibers and connective tissue ... *Incision- A cut into a body tissue or organ, especially one made during surgery. b. The scar resulting from such a cut. Fact 3: 6 hrs later, detectives took temperature of the water in the tub which was 6'' to 1 ft, at a boiling 93 degrees. Now you run 6'' to a foot of water in your tub and leave the room for 6 hrs and tell me how hot is you water!!!! TO VIEW & DOWNLOAD AUTOPSY ( little cousin Bobbi-Kriss is without a mother,best friend,confidant,etc... What if this was your mother and no one would stand with you? "I AM #CHARGED 4 THE CAUSE" AND I PRAY YOU ALL ARE!!!! #TrueJustice4WHITNEY #RealProtection4KRISSI #TEAMCHARGED PLEASE HELP US GET LAWYERS,POLITICIANS,THE WORLD ON BOARD BY SIGNING THIS PETITION!!! WE NOT LOOKING FOR FAME NOR MONEY JUST JUSTICE !!!! TO ANYBODY WHO WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR THE CAMPAIGN REACH ME ON TWITTER @iBenYatti FOR INFO!!!

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