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True Religion: Please Go Fur Free... Again


True Religion was on The Humane Society's list of fur free retailers, but they've gone back on their promise and have begun selling fur. Not only have they lied to consumers, but they're getting their fur from China, a country with virtually no animal protection laws, and some of the worst animal cruelty we've ever seen. Animals killed for their fur in China are cramped into tiny, filthy cages before they are beaten, anally electrocuted, and in many cases, skinned alive...

The fur vest True Religion has for sale is labeled as "Raccoon Fur". However, raccoon's are not native to China, but Raccoon dogs are. Raccoon Dogs are a fox-like nocturnal residents of Asian and northern European forests that bear a remarkable resemblance to raccoons. Despite they're resemblance to Raccoons, they are part of the canine family.

Please urge True Religion to go back to their promise of being fur free retailer, and continue to support compassion in fashion.

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