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Pewds, stop playing Doki Doki.

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Since the release of Doki Doki Literature Club (further called DDLC) community of the game was truly beautiful. Good fanarts of your favorite character, countless good memes and reaction images, meaningful discussion about theme of the game. But that couldn't last long, no good things last long.

PewDiePie is known for two things. First one is that he has the biggest amount of fans on YouTube. Second is that he often (accidentally) destroys whole fanbases.

There are some cases that prove this point. Five Nights at Freddy's? It wasn't even a good game, but when Felix played it, it's fanbase blew up. Fanbase full of kids who don't even know what's horror yet.

One of the recent one is Motu Patlu. Memes were made right after Nickelodeon India's ad featuring those two characters. Most of them were great, until Pewds video explaining this meme. Lots of stupid, unfunny or repetitive content was uploaded to internet by infamous Brofist Army.

We, fans of DDLC are really proud of the content we make. JPEGs, opinions and arts are just joyful to look at because we love this game not because of it's hype and not because of the YouTuber who recorded it.

We love LC for it's story which is meaningful and deep.

So, dear Pewds. We want you to stop recording gameplay of Doki Doki. We think that if someone wants to truly experience the game, he should play it for himself. The game is free and runs on all computers. There is no reason not to play it. 

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