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Eliminating Social Constructs of Gender Can Make Everyone Live in a Better World

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Many people experience discrimination because of their gender.Men and women can experience discrimination in society. Mostly, women experienced lots of discrimination because we thought that merely men can do things perfectly. In school, having some activities like sports, we intend to watch boys' game because we thought that it is more exciting than the girls playing the game. In work, women are discriminated because they have limited opportunities because of their physical capabilities.This is sexism which can violate the rights of every people. We forget to value women's great abilities that could be greater than men's abilities. We can end it through loving one another, acceptance and stop judging people.

 Women and Men can be physically and emotionally abused. Mostly, men  abused women but in some cases men can abuse men, women can abuse men and women can abuse women also. Physical abuse can cause trauma for those people who suffers it. Emotional abuse can lead to depression and it might lead also to suicide which is very alarming. We don't want to see these things happening in our society. We don't want people die because of suicide and maybe the worst case is to let anyone dies because he/she is physically abused. We people must stop being superior over someone so that we can achieve equality in this society.

LGBT community is suffering because of discrimination. Today, some people sees LGBT as a person without a purpose. With that, they are being abused because they lacked in acceptance — acceptance in family and community.They are doing their best just to impress people especially their families. If they got rejected, little pain will be planted in their hearts. If they got more rejections in society, surely it will build more pain in their hearts. Because of it, they will be slowly and slowly get depressed and began to think suicide. We can see how discrimination leads into rejection that can make painful memories inside their minds and in their hearts. We need to stop discrimination before it's too late.

Loving and caring one another is the best way. It is not about them who suffers discrimination, but it is about us who can make an action for them. We are here to support them, to love them and to teach them how to be strong. On that way, they will be able to stand on their ground and overcome those challenges. We, the True Colors Movement are aiming to help people build a better community through love, unity and acceptance. We are aiming to stop sexism especially in our beloved country Philippines.

We want to conduct seminars all over the Philippines and hoping to be worldwide to help people in our country or even around the world. This seminar will encourage people to stop sexism. The victims of sexism will be lifted up as they feel freedom. They will be able to walk with confidence because they knew that there are people who are fighting for them.   

True Colors Movement are volunteers who fight for freedom and rights of every people living around the world. Having a main goal to disseminate stereotyping, discrimination, prejudicing and violence, we want to gain more volunteers to fight sexism. We really need your support for us to eliminate social constructs of gender in our society.

" Let's love one another and build a strong foundation to have a better world for everyone."


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