The release of prisoners do to the covid 19 virus.

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Prisoner are in our jail systems and now are very scared for there lives in the jails they don't allow hand sanatizers or anything will alcohol or disinfectants they think they will drink to get drunk but is that really a issue rate now with covid 19 they are given one bar of soap to wash over and over how sanitary now is that when covert 19 closing in there ventilation system shared over and over same air no fresh. People are sitting ducks in our prison system rate now guards in and out around people one guard gets it when out and about it will spread like hot cakes it will kill them all not only that we the people out here who are carefully because we kno how bad this can get just in 24hrs killed 600 in Italy this can get so bad because of our prison systems free the elderly who will dye first stop taking people off streets stop transfers from jail to jail and people who got weeks left of month release jails are over populateded it's a sess pool waiting to happen these people were giving a sentence not a death sentence and even the ones that been in along time that are reformed let them out to there family's put ankle bracelets on them 24 hr house arrest something we of the people need to feel safe our prisoners are being treated unfair now can't even get hand sanatizers ya think a guard would go around with a bottle give a little a day no this is unjust free the people they didn't get the death sentence this is canada .