Zero confidence in police providing adequate protection? Vote for concealed carry now!

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Everyone hears the news about how bad it is in the US but I personally think it is unlikely that anyone could go on a 12 hour rampage with 16 different crime scenes if civilians were allowed to carry...the media only reports what they want you to hear. States with concealed carry still have crime, but at least they aren't sitting ducks.

Our current rights do not need to be infringed upon any further...Canada needs a castle law and the right to defend ourselves with any reasonable means necessary without fear of prosecution... or punishment by process which means they intentionally waste courts time by charging people knowing full well they aren't going to be convicted but that they will suffer tremendous inconvenience and court costs for unfounded charges and allegations.

Sickening the Trudeau and Blair are using this to promote their anti-gun agenda when it's obvious they should be focusing on criminals and gang activity...shame on them for allowing this to go on for the length of time that it did. Whatever reasons they give us cannot possibly suffice. Start tracking convicted criminals with weapons bans, do more to dissuade gang activity, and do more to take guns off the streets...make the penalties HARSHER...don't let them out of jail early.

You know what criminals say in Canada, if I had killed them when I first thought about it I'd be out by now!

Furthering restrictions on law abiding gun owners does nothing to prevent future crimes...and since the police know that law abiding gun owners are not the problem, the only reason is that Trudeau wants votes.