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Help Truckee Join the Meatless Monday Movement (Truckee Resident signatures only)

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The Meatless Monday Truckee Coalition is asking the Truckee Town Council to proclaim Mondays as Meatless Monday.  This initiative will encourage the people of Truckee to make an easy change that will reduce cancer risk, fight obesity, help prevent heart disease, reduce carbon footprint, save water, and promote the ethical treatment of animals. 

The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District has already recognized the great benefits of this campaign for years by making Mondays, Meatless Monday in all of our school's cafeterias. Cities including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and many others have made the Meatless Monday proclamation.

Additional facts:

  • A recent Harvard study concluded, “red meat consumption is associated with an increased risk of total, cardiovascular, and cancer mortality” due to meats high fat and cholesterol content.
  • It takes 10x more fuel to produce one calorie of animal protein versus one calorie of plant protein.
  • It takes the equivalent of 60 showers worth of water to produce one pound of beef.  It only takes the equivalent of 6 showers worth of water to produce one pound of tofu.
  • Over 70 billion animals worldwide are killed each year in factory farms (most of them are treated inhumanely).

Reducing our meat consumption, even just one day a week, can make a huge impact.  We invite you to join us in support of Meatless Monday Truckee by signing this petition and spreading the word to your Truckee friends and family.   

Let's get Truckee to join this global movement!

(Must be a Truckee resident to sign.)


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