Change how brokers manage the trucking industry. We want transparency and broker reform

Change how brokers manage the trucking industry. We want transparency and broker reform

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As we know our country is experiencing a time of uncertainty and everyone is doing their part to stay safe for their families and friends. Truckers are the individuals behind every milk bottle, every egg cartoon and everything that we need in order to stay home safely. They are exposed to harsh weather conditions, COV19, sleepless nights, 7+ days away from their families (on top of that being quarantined upon their return).

Now for owner operators or small business owners things DO NOT end there. They have many bills to pay all of which include, fuel, breakdowns (which happen more often than you’d think), tires, oil changes (FYI a truck oil change ranges from $250 to $350), IFTA tax (done four times a year taxes paid on road traveled, could range from $200 to $600 every time), monies to accountants and other who keep up their operating permits ( always over $600), load boards (over $200), maintenance items, trip packs to send original bill of leading, truck and trailer washouts (always over $100), insurance (at least $1000), tolls (which are higher for these vehicles expect minimum $150 a month), among others.

The reason for writing this is to help individuals see the problem with the market. Brokers with whom many truckers work with are the middlemen between the shipper and the carrier. They, not all, but most are the problem. These individuals found a way around the system and try to keep every penny they can. Offering loads from a lot less than they are getting them and have no regulations what so ever on how they conduct their business. Meanwhile, truckers are tracked thru electronic logbooks and are audited to check the mileage run, the states run, the fuel purchased, and much more. Even when the owner-operator takes the load, they have contracts in place in order to be able to reduce the amounts paid, such as having to do check calls, or been late to appointments (both can cause reductions of up to $200 each). Then, when the brokers are in the wrong, they leave the trucker up the air. One example of a common occurrence is ordering a truck and the load not being there or not being ready, many brokers pocket that money and do not give anything to that truck that may have traveled up to 200 miles empty to pick up, which will cost the owner fuel and time (mind you most trucks do about 5-8 miles per gallon). Brokers also set the price on everything they give no leeway, they tell the truck drivers what they will pay them for lay over (which is when they have to wait more than three hours to get loaded or overnight, never pay more $150 per day). Within these contracts that brokers or brokering companies have created they are totally covered and can get away with murder, while the person or company doing most of the work is left with scraps and no way to defend themselves.


Now answer me this:

 Does it seem fair that the person sitting behind their desk at home, hustles these hard-working individuals for every penny all while treating them like dirt?

Not saying all brokers are like this, BUT most.



-          Regulations on brokers: Transparency; that brokers are required by law to attach what the customer is paying them for the load along with the rate confirmation. 

-          Just pricing on insurance

-          Just pay on loads, maybe a minimum pay per mile based on equipment type. (refrigerated trailers waste more fuel because the trailer uses fuel) Another suggestion coming from several truckers is That loads are paid a dollar above the national fuel cost per gallon. (ex. 1 gal of diesel is 2.10 the loads should be at $3.10 per mile.)

We are the resistance, we have the power. We need CHANGE. We are not employees of the brokers. We are 1099 workers, we pay back taxes for being self-employed. CREATE CHANGE.

Support Rick Santiago in his quest for truth and help those in Washington put pressure on the matter so these issues aren't once again overlooked and put under the rug. 

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O/O and small fleets if you have sent your info to Rick Santiago great, if not, please gather your paperwork and submit here so we can expose brokers.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!