Justice for Charminar Ayurvedic hospital Hyderabad

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Charminar Ayurvedic Hospital Hyderabad is in a  condition  (50 yrs old )needs renovation so better of shifting it to Erragada  Ayurvedic hospital was said by the IAS officer and Superintendent of the hospital. Now they are not talking about renovation but completely handing over the hospital to  a  REPUTED Dept which is also a part of AYUSH Dept.  Director has supported the Reputed Dept to attack female duty doctor and patients to move away from the hospital and allow the Reputed institution to step in. When students are questioning her she has attacked and manhandled with the help of Armed forces.And now she is misguiding media and Govt by accusing the innocent students of pulling her saree and attacking her.What is the need for medico's to pull her saree. DON'T YOU THINK THAT SHE IS MISUSUING THE POSITION SHE IS IN? THE STUDENTS WERE THREATENED WITH DIRE CONSEQUENCES IF THEY FURTHER PARTICIPATE IN THIS MOVEMENT.WHY AND ALL EVERYTIME THEY ALWAYS TARGET THE STUDENTS AND WARN THEM AGAINST DESTROYING THEIR FUTURES?WHAT IS IT TO TREAT STUDENTS LIKE THAT IF THEY FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS."DOCTORS ARE THE FUTURE OF THE NATION"