Hold Troy Sheperds Accountable!

Hold Troy Sheperds Accountable!

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Gabriel Klaasen started this petition to Troy Sheperds and

Troy Sheperds must be held accountable for his actions on social media. If he is not, and he somehow moves on as nothing has happened then it sets a principle that actions do not have consequences.

Misogyny, Gender-Based Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault, and all that comes along with it is no laughing matter, especially in South Africa - the "Rape Capital of the World".

In the past few week's South African social media influencer Troy Sheperds, 21, male, has been a topic of discussion because of controversial and harmful videos that he made and posted to his audience of 1.5Million followers. 

The video saw him belittling feminists with a stereotypical demeanor and further pushing the lies that surround those stereotypes, such as Feminists hating men and that they simply wish to tear down men, when in fact many men are themselves feminists and understand that feminism is extremely beneficial to all in society. His video continued to downplay and deny the realities of the social injustices that many feminists are trying to demolish. 

In the same video, he openly refused to acknowledge Male and White privilege, factors that both contribute to GBV and other injustices in the world, but in this context South Africa. While all of this was done in a mocking voice, he was completely serious; Showing his audience of 1.5 million people - including TikTok_SA who follow him - that he understood his actions and did not care.

When he recognized that he was receiving backlash within the first 10mins of uploading his video, instead of deleting it and immediately retracting his comments he doubled down by liking comments that were openly and brazenly misogynistic and hate-filled.

When after a week he saw that 1000's of South Africans had made comments and response videos calling him to delete his video and retract his statements he ignored it and continued as if nothing happened. When in that time he saw the horrific comments in his own videos and the comment sections of the response videos calling for women, sexual assault survivors, and feminists to be Raped, murdered, abused, and more, he still did nothing.

It is a month later and we still do not have an apology - at this point, we don't want one - or even a retraction of his comments, as well as condemnation of his audience of 1.5 million's behaviour and threats of murder, violence, and rape.

All that we have received is a video from him telling his audience that he didn't mean he hated everyone but still hated feminists who stand up against injustice, as well as that because he did not mention the words "Gender-Based Violence' that he in fact is not at fault. Even though the things he said and the lack of action against what he said are all things that have and are still contributing to GBV, SA, and Rape culture on social media and in real life.

Because of Troy Sheperds, girls as young as 16 are being told that they should be raped and murdered. Because Troy refuses to use his platform to speak against these comments - even when given the chance multiple times - he hasn't, which is directly contributing to this pandemic in South Africa. 

While some may say that it's just comments online, it really isn't. These are words of violence being used to threaten young women, these are words of violence being used against feminists - of all gender identities. These are words of violence being thrown in the faces of those who have survived Sexual Assault and Rape and still face trauma today. Words of Violence can quickly turn into Violent acts if the victim being attacked online is seen in person.

And Troy has done nothing to help, other than fan the flames.

We understand that holding Troy accountable will not remove the fact that Gender-Based Violence has existed before him and will continue after him. That many will say it is not worth it to try and get him to face the music, but it really is. Someone with 1.5million people following them has a massive influence, and when that is being used to further hate, violence and suffering - directly or indirectly - then we owe it to ourselves and to all who have been victims to ensure we do all we can.

We call on Troy Sheperds to do all of the following:

  • Deplatform or Take an extended hiatus from all Social Media
  • Make a statement condemning his actions, words, behavior, and that of his audience.
  • Use his platform of 1.5 million to amplify the voices of anti-GBV creators, NGOs, NPO's, and push positive campaigns.
  • Donate to anti-GBV causes

We also demand that TikTok/ TikTok_SouthAfrica do the following:

  • Unfollow Troy Sheperds on all social media
  • Block his account for a time (More than a month), as he violates your guidelines. 
  • Delete his account
  • Releases a statement or comment calling for the end of Gender-Based Violence.
  • STOP blocking and deleting videos of people educating people on the topic of GBV (Note that many don't even say Rape, Sexual Assault, etc. because they are trying to follow guidelines. Yet you allow duets and stitches of people blatantly threatening young women with violence.)


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!