Save Troy Trees in Parcel 16!

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After hearing a proposal from the Troy School Board of Education about a possible preschool being built in the forests of Parcel 16, we need your help to save it! Troy Schools, owner of Parcel 16, has left it undeveloped and natural for many years and now they propose to tear 8-9 acres of it down, along with the ecosystem and all the wildlife, and build a 74,199 square foot early childhood development center.

We want Parcel 16 to remain as an 19 acre plot of green space, natural and filled with wildlife.

It is confirmed that there are over 30 species of plants and animals in the forest—trees, poison ivy, deer, toads, birds, snakes, squirrels, and rabbits, just to name a few. Constructing an elementary-school-sized preschool in the middle of the forest would result in imbalance in the ecosystem and drastic changes in wildlife. Conserving these 19 acres of land is a must, for only 2% of Troy is green space, natural and undeveloped.

Not only will this affect the wildlife in the forest, it will also affect the residents living around it on Hart Drive, Webb Drive, Paragon Drive, Hedgewood Drive and Bracken Drive. The increased traffic on Hart and Webb will affect the overall safety of the neighborhoods. The complex tree root system and wetlands being destroyed in Parcel 16 may impact the residents living on Hedgewood and Bracken.

We want Parcel 16 to remain as an 19 acre plot of green space, natural and filled with wildlife.

Building the preschool is a long and expensive journey that has many negative effects on the environment, residents, ecosystem, and the whole city of Troy. To get the proper funding to construct the 24 million dollar preschool, the district plans to sell Parcel 11, another 18 acres of green space (the possible buyers of Parcel 11 plan to tear down the forests there as well). With this, it cuts out almost 27 acres of Troy's green space! In order to protect Troy's precious green space, we need your help to save Parcel 16!

**Parcel 16 is located between Hart and Webb Drive on Livernois just off of Long Lake**


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