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Stop the $160.00 Solid Waste Fee in Troy NY!

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On December 22, 2017 in an ILLEGALLY HELD MEETING at City Hall Council Chambers several OUTGOING members of the City Council voted in favor of moving an increase to the “Recycling Fee” from $29.00 per Year to $160.00 per Year.  Those Council Members are:  Dean Bodnar REP, John Donohue REP, Lynn Kopka DEM, Erin-Sullivan Teta DEM, and Robert Doherty DEM.

This increase has nothing to do with funding recycling or solid waste removal.  It is a disingenuous path around the New York State Tax Cap which is set at 2% to protect the citizens of New York State from uncontrolled spending and wasteful approaches toward the utilization of taxpayer resources.

On December 29th, at 700pm in City Hall Council Chambers the Full Council will again meet.

The purpose of this petition is to make your voice heard loud and clear:  THE TAX INCREASES MUST STOP and that City Hall must FIRST WORK LEGALLY, and then work diligently to reduce expenses and balance the budget without constant reliance on the pockets of the hard working taxpayers in this city.

Food for thought…. There are numerous employees working for the City of Troy that are required to live within city limits that do not.  There are several employees receiving SIGNIFICANT SALARY INCREASES in this Budget.  We’re funding this activity from our pockets while services are stripped away.

When you sign this Petition, you are making your voice heard.  ALL ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND THE MEETING AND SPEAK OUT!!!

Please share a comment when signing this petition on how this impacts you as a Taxpayer.  Please share this Petition with all your friends and all your Social Media friends.  Contact as many people as you can and make them aware of this petition and the meeting.  LET’S PACK THAT ROOM!!!



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