Alternatives for School Lunches

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Look, I'm tired of getting the same old Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich or whatever is being cooked over and over again. I appreciate the changes that were made this year, but in reality, we need more alternatives.

On multiple occasions, I've opened my milk only to find it warm and spoiled. Somedays, my hot food isn't hot; it's cold. And on some special days, I find a little maggot in my food. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but this is a bad thing.I, as well as several parents if they knew about this, would rather pay extra money for lunches to ensure that their child isn't getting gastroenteritis or food poisoning from buying a school lunch.

Why not pay a restaurant, just like how we sometimes get Domino's pizza on Friday's, to deliver food that we students can buy and enjoy? School lunches are about to be on their way out if this continues to happen. Alternatives must be present, as they already are in several schools across the Miami Valley.

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