Reduce Plastic! Say No to Straws in Tetrapacks

Reduce Plastic! Say No to Straws in Tetrapacks

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Tropicana, Herseys, Jersey, ITC

Why this petition matters

Started by Preeti Khatod

With every small tetrapack of juice or milk shake, a straw is given. It is sealed in another layer of plastic.

Though this is a good thing, making it easier for people to consume it on the go, it adds a lot of plastic to the environment.

The tetrapack per se is relatively easy to segregate from the thrash. But the small straws are difficult to find. Even worse is the plastic wrap which gets torn to pieces many times, deeming unfit for recycling.

I feel that the tetrapack could lose the straw. A simple poke in the hole will allow for a tilted intake or emptying the contents into a glass /jar. When me and my family buy such packs on the go, we usually use one straw to poke all packs and drink them directly. Another solution could be that the packs can come with the same nozzle that refills of ketchups have. Like the one in 'Paperboat' juice model. Developing a paper straw could add to the problems. Paper means felling of the trees. And it might still be wrapped in plastic. 

By signing this petition, you are doing a great job towards the environment. Drinking directly from the pack might seem like a little inconvenience in the beginning, but will go a long way in reducing plastic pollution. I trust you to keep Mother Earth over some small matter of convenience. And I also trust the major brands to come up with a solution that is environmental friendly. 

120 have signed. Let’s get to 200!