Save Naini Tal!

Save Naini Tal!

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Vikram Arya started this petition to Chief minister uttarakhand


3RD JUNE 6:00 PM. Malli Tal to Talli Tal. Silent walk. No slogans. Only placards.

There was a time, before the Raj discovered Naini Tal, the town and lake was considered holy and so revered that people would take off their shoes before entering town. We've come a long way since, from reverence to devastation.
This needs immediate action from all of us. All people connected to Naini Tal by living, by memory and by heart.

Objective: We are people. We are not the government. We are not against the govt. and will fully support it. As people we want the Govt. to take concrete decisions and actions. Decisions that have immediate and visible impact. Because time has already run out. 

Each person in the march is there only as an individual and only for the cause. Not an officer, businessman, politician, organization or group.

Worse, summer is coming and with it an entire year of burgeoning tourism.

Some non-technical suggestions. Remember- We want the experts in the administration to make decisions. As people we want to see timebound and visible progress and effects.

 - Clear illegal construction at Sukha Tal to renew the sub-surface inflow which contributes 53% to the Naini lake- by June end

- Regulate number of vehicles to be allowed into Naini Tal on long weekends and from June- Aug. MAYBE BAN ALL VEHICULAR ENTRY- Only local registered taxi's allowed up from Haldwani/ Kaladhungi. 

- Only registered local citizens cars allowed. Verification and issuing of stickers can be achieved in 1 months time- by June end

Ban plastic. Only paper and cloth bags- not even plastic fiber passing off as cloth. Apart from merely announcing it three times- Immediate

Rain water harvesting by all hotels, hospitals, schools and any large pvt. public institutions. Can be achieved in 3-4 months

Solar power subsidy and implementation across all pvt. and public. institutions even households. Subsidies and funding can easily allow for payback by needy individuals over a longer period of time  3-4 months

Tree tax- compulsory Rs.100 contribution by every tourist and resident (per month) for planting trees beneficial to the local flora and fauna- Immediate

- No new construction- Immediate

Pardon the amateur inputs and we also acknowledge the vast work and rulings that are already in place. However, if there's a rule for everything and the lake is still drying then nothing's happened. Simplemente!

Declaration: In this effort, some people are experts and have done a lot, some want to start. Yet we're all equal. I'm not an expert nor very well connected, influential, lineage to any political party or intend to gain anything for myself. That's why reaching out because we all feel for the lake and the town knowing there are many here who have already been active in conserving Naini. It's just that we need to get more active with a deadline! 

Till the locals don’t feel for their town, anyone can come and spoil it. We’ve allowed this to happen. We are to blame! No lake no business!

Everyone needs to sign the petition by June 3rd.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!