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Higher RENT SUPPORT for people on Disability

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For many who do not know, those of us on Disability, in BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, many of us are unable to work! Either temporary or longterm. It is VERY frustrating when people like myself WANT to work, but CANNOT due to health issues. So I try to do what I can from home, by running a Pay it Forward group! So I am at LEAST feeling like I still contribute "something" to society. This is however, a NON-PROFIT group, where we do our best to help others. Since the 1970s-1980s the RENT PORTION of disability cheques was only $375.00 a month, which at the time was probably sufficient. Today, in 2016, the rent portion is STILL ONLY $375.00 a month! Now, I looked for "several months" to find the cheapest place I could afford! I could NOT FIND ONE! I currently, for the last 3+ years, have been renting a basement suite for $700.00 a month! It is LONG OVERDUE, when rent costs have risen so dramatically, that government INCREASE this rent portion, for a SINGLE PERSON, to AT LEAST $600.00-$700.00 a month! In order to even pay my rent, they say I have to use my "living expense portion" of my cheque! So no bills can be paid, no food can be bought, etc! This is sickening how badly many of us struggle! Especially when we WANT to work, but due to health issues, simply CANNOT work! I'm humiliated to state this, but I literally get just over $800.00 per month! Right off the bat, my rent is $700.00!!! My ONLY luxury is my car, which costs me $87.00 a month to keep insured, and it is a 16 year old car, that is now broken down! It is embarrassing as heck to state this, but my entire monthly cheque is just over $800.00! My rent is $700.00 and my car insurance is $87.00 a month, for my 16 year old car! This leaves me with about $20.00 (yes TWENTY DOLLARS) a month to pay bills and buy food! I do NOT do food banks, i feel people with children NEED the food more than myself, a SINGLE person! I REFUSE to go online asking for a FREE HANDOUT! Call me stubborn, or easily humiliated, but we should NOT HAVE to go out begging! Other than the Pay it Forward group, I have opened and been running for well over a year now. Which works great for me, because most of the people in this group on Facebook, understand that I have health issues, and I VOLUNTEER my time, and if I'm not feeling well enough on some days, they absolutely understand, and I have really grown to love these amazing people! The other TWO main JOYS of my life are my two little doggies, that I've had as my FAMILY for 10 and 12 years now! I shouldn't have to worry, nor should ANYONE ELSE, if an emergency happens and they need to see an emergency vet! But that is a whole other ball game! I do NOT have a fancy cell phone, like most people today have! I do NOT have cable TV! I'm not complaining about that, overall I'm a pretty happy person, but the FACT remains, people who are LEGITIMATELY ON disability, SHOULD RECEIVE, AND NEED more help with the cost of RENT!!! It is LONG OVERDUE and it's TIME for this CHANGE to be made ASAP!!!

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