" Dental Hygienist Are Perfect For Improving Your Smile and Facial Beauty"

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This petition has two purposes: (1) to allow MN hygienists the ability to administer cosmetic treatments and (2) to give MN hygienists another field of study to share their talents and knowledge in.

So now to the nitty gritty....

For those unsure of what a dental hygienist is, let me give you a quick 101 course. Dental hygienists are usually the first person you meet during your dental appointment. They are trained to thoroughly review medical history, medications and allergies. With this information, dental hygienists can fully understand a patient's oral health.

Since about 90% of diseases first appear in the oral cavity, your hygienist may spot a medical condition before your medical doctor. What else is your hygienist trained to do? They are also trained to screen for skin, head and neck cancers AND they have extensive knowledge of the muscles, bones, foramens, nerves and blood vessels located in the head and neck. Dental hygienists are not just your teeth cleaners, they are whole-body alert watchers, educators, and knowledgeable healthcare providers.

So why can't a dental hygienist administer Botox or cosmetic fillers? If you think about it, they are like registered nurses (RNs) of the dental field. In fact, dental hygienists take the same prerequisite college classes as a RN, which should give hygienists more avenues for work.

Now that you know what they are trained to do, let's talk about career longevity. Hygiene is one of the hardest careers on the body. Holding a static position and using fine motor skills for hours can cause chronic, painful, long-term injuries. These injuries can shorten a hygienist's career in the dental field - sometimes ending a career years before it should - and now all that college training and expertise is no longer being used, but bills and life still goes on!

Having the ability to administer Botox and cosmetic fillers would give injured hygienists the opportunity to continue to use their knowledge in a different field; one of the reasons I have created this petition. To extend the career life of a hygienist, to share our medical knowledge in the cosmetic field, and to better protect individuals receiving cosmetic services.

I hope this opens the eyes of those who don't know much about dental hygienists and the risks they protect you from. They are true healthcare providers who can competently administer Botox and cosmetic fillers.

Please sign this petition and pass this information to others so they can also support hygienists they know. Someday a hygienist may save your life with a cancer screening or oral disease diagnosis, while also improving your smile and eliminating wrinkles.

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