Oppose: Rezoning of Bayview Avenue, East Islip for rental units

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Kelly Carson
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Date: January 30, 2020
Proposal Number: CZ2020-002
Address of 7 Bayview Ave and 9 Bayview Ave
Rezoning Request: Change of Zoning from Residential A to Residential C

To: Angie Carpenter, Town of Islip Supervisor
Town Board- Councilman John C. Cochrane, Councilwoman Mary Kate Mullen, Councilman James P. O’Connor, Councilwoman Trish Bergin-Weichbrodt,
Planning Board- Commissioner Ron Meyer, Chairman Edward Friedland

We, the undersigned owners of property and residents affected by the requested zoning change at 7 Bayview Ave and 9 Bayview Avenue, do hereby protest against any change of the Land Development Code which would zone the property to any classification other than the Residential A Zoning, single family homes.

Bayview Ave is the main conduit used by residents and visitor to access the East Islip Marina, beach, recreational facilities, as well as the American Legion Hall, Mulberry Street Restaurant, Ralph’s Ices, and St. Mary’s School and Church. The area of the proposed rezoning and the intersection of Bayview Ave and Main Street is overburdened with traffic and congestion. It has become a dangerous intersection, with the cars and trucks that often form a block-long line trying to turn on to Main Street. On Main Street, a line forms as well trying to make a left on to Bayview. The addition of high density housing will greatly increase traffic safety issues and shift the traffic patterns to adjacent roads creating additional traffic safety issues on ancillary routes.
The zone change from single family to high density housing not only represents a traffic nightmare, but more importantly, is a risk to the safety of our children and other pedestrians, who walk and ride bicycles on Bayview, and who play ball in the adjacent roads. Our young students from JFK Elementary will be dodging more cars as they attempt to cross Bayview Ave on their way home.
We are enthusiastic supporters of preserving the integrity, safety, beauty of our residential neighborhood and we are opposed to apartments/condo that brings increased congestion and safety issues to our community.

Mary Coffey Moore
Email: marycmoore15@gmail.com

Kelly Carson
Email: kelly.carson9@gmail.com