Triple J, you bastion of tunes, provide our mate SkidZ with a new Tune Rag. RIP Raggerella

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We want - nay - need Triple J to uphold their values of sick tunz and  the true Aussie fair go and provide our mate Drew SkidZ Buchanan with a new Tune Rag. RIP Ragerella. 

I hope you are sitting down with a box of tissues ready to wipe your eyes because I guarantee that this tale will have you more emotional than the opening scene of Up. It all started three years ago on a fatefull Saturday at Splendour in the Grass. Minding our own business without a care in the world my good mate SkidZ starts screaming. He picks up something red off the ground and starts hugging it whilst tears glistened off his pasty white skin. I didn't understand then what a Tune rag was or meant but holy shit we all instantly fell in love. He took that rag everywhere including 3 splendours, a few Falls and a heap of gigs and it genuinely saved our lives more then once. One such incident happened at falls a few year ago - we were DEEP in the crowd for some London Grammar waving the fuck out of the rag because every song being played was a certified tune and we needed the world to know. Then, out of nowhere a guy starts charging through the crowd holding one deep fryer basket and big bottle of Aioli waving it around more recklessly than the banks were giving out home loans pre GFC. Upon reflection we should of sensed the danger but alas London Grammar had removed us from this mortal world and into a world of pure bliss and happiness. In a split second this all changed - our blissfull world imploded into an Aioli swirling hell! My mate and I were covered in Aioli from head to toe , however , in a time where hope was lost that rag stood up and said, " boys! Fear not! Use me to wash that Aioli filth off but you have to promise me that this won't stop the party! For once something is a certified TUNE it is my responsibility through rain or Aioli to make sure it stays that way". The party continued and we were able to de-aioli ourselves right from the comfort of centre stage right at the front. This is just one story of a million that that beautiful rag gave everything and expected nothing in return! It became family and everything was fine until splendour 2k18. Maybe it was time - maybe the rag Nanny McPhee'd us and it was only when we wanted it but did not need it that it would leave just as mysteriously and magically as it entered our lives but yes the rag is gone. It leaves a hole in our hearts bigger then Donald Trump's approval ratings amongst voters with an IQ of below 100. Now comes my question - where the hell can I buy another one for him. I'm willing to complete death defying challenges - sell 3 non vital organs or perform a carefully planned heist with no more then 5 people trained in various forms of magic but he really really needs this. We all do. Please help us!!! In a time of world destabilization - collapsed eco systems and world unity seemingly further away than ever - the world needs a win like this. We have declared a year of mourning! I know Raggarella is in a better place now helping those in need but by God we miss him
� RIP Raggarella �