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End the Sea Lion show at West Edmonton Mall

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This is for Pablo, Clara, Kelpie and Quinty - who do not have a voice of their own.

In the middle of a shopping mall, in Edmonton, Alberta - 4 California Sea Lions perform twice a day - 7 days a week solely for the entertainment of humans. For a price you can also play with them and have them tow you around the pool. 

Yes. In the middle of a shopping mall in the middle of the prairies - this archaic industry still exists.

Too long have we allowed this barbaric practice to continue. Too long have people continued to buy tickets to support this horrible industry. How have humans not learned that animals do not exist for our entertainment?

Aquariums' are aquatic prisons in which thousands of marine animals, such as tropical fresh and saltwater fishes and cetaceans are confined. Many of these individuals would otherwise swim thousands of kilometres a day and posses senses which guide them through their aquatic habitat, but are frustrated in tanks where they are condemned to spend their entire lives. Through the glass of the aquarium we do not see the full picture. We do not see the boredom, the monotony or the sufffering endured by the animals behind the scenes. Seeing the reality would surely prevent us from participating.

In related news - on January 6, 2017 Tilikum - a killer whale - died in Orlando Florida in a Seaworld tank. Seaworld would have you believe Tilikum (under the performing name Shamu) passed away after a long and enriching life. Tilikum did not die a natural death with the ocean waves there to carry him to his final resting place. He did not die in his native waters, surrounded by family members he might have spent 50+ years with. He did not die in a sea pen with salt water and caretakers who tried to give him back the most freedom that they could. Tilikum died in a tank. He died in a barren, artificial environment having spent the majority of his life being used for profit so schoolchildren and tourists could get splashed by 'Shamu'. He died of a bacterial lung infection at 35 years old so that Seaworld could use him to line their pockets.

These animals do not belong in a tank. They do not belong in captivity. They do not belong anywhere but the ocean. But yet, there they are - in a tank. The same concrete walls forever confining them.


Do NOT buy a ticket! 

Keep fighting for them. Do whatever is within your power to see things change. There is hope.

By signing this petition, you are saying NO! 

No! Tilikum's death will not be for nothing.

No! We will not tolerate this outdated, cruel and archaic industry any longer.

No! We will not stop fighting.

Do it for Pablo, for Clara, for Kelpie, for Quinty. Do not let them share the same fate as Tilikum. 

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