Tripadvisor should host reviews written in Welsh.

Tripadvisor should host reviews written in Welsh.

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Bryn Howell-Pryce
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The Welsh language is vitally important to the culture, heritage and history of Wales.  It is a vibrant, living language and the first language of many people living in Wales and beyond.  Many people wish to live their lives through the medium of Welsh and to be able to use Welsh to communicate in all aspects of their daily life.  A friend wrote a review in Welsh of a restaurant in Pwllheli in North Wales on TripAdvisor and was astonished to receive a response in Swedish.  When this was queried, a spokesperson for TripAdvisor, according to the Cambrian News said “TripAdvisor currently operates in 49 markets and 28 languages worldwide. While we are not currently able to host reviews written in Welsh, we are continuously exploring opportunities to expand the number of languages we are able to support on our sites.


“In order to maintain the integrity of our site, we ensure that every language in which we operate is fully integrated into our moderation and fraud detection tools and processes.

“For this reason, we are not currently able to host reviews written in all of the world’s languages, but as the world’s largest travel site we are constantly exploring opportunities to extend support to additional languages worldwide.”

TripAdvisor needs to recognise the vibrancy of Welsh and the strong desire of many people in Wales to communicate in their first language and to add Welsh to their list of languages in which postings can be made.