Quietness indicator for restaurants on Tripadvisor

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When choosing a restaurant, there is a criterion that is very important for me, and, I believe, for a lot of other people: quietness.

Although Tripadvisor is very useful already, it is currently not possible to check on the restaurants pages if a restaurant will be quiet. The current system of ratings does not provide any indication on how loud the place is going to be. Indeed, users can post comments complaining about the level of noise, but the visibility of such comments is limited. The noise issue might fall under the "atmosphere" rating, but the idea of atmosphere is very subjective and in the end this rating does not give a clear picture of the restaurant's noise level.

The result is that the people concerned with quietness (and I really think it's a lot of people) often end up entering a restaurant that is much louder than they thought it was going to be, and they often end up having to leave and search for another restaurant.

In order to fix this, I suggest that Tripadvisor updates its rating system to give a clear idea of restaurants loudness level. They could, for example, add a "Quietness" rating (in addition to the current ratings: "Service, Food, Value, Atmosphere"), or use a "quietness certification" system based on users' feedback (users answering the question "is this restaurant quiet?").

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